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Product Description

We arePlease to introduce A unique solution  for  Shell & tube Type Heat Exchanger  ,

Tubeclogging  is a common problem world- wide, we maintain the water quality but still there is some  fouling of scaling in tube  ,  its required a regular cleaning,

Thefouling  cause a temperature rise  in system and its directly  effect on system efficiency. 

           Our industries are facing a energyloss  due to this  Fouling . A study  show that fouling of 0.006 mm  in tube cause  5%  energy loss in chiller system . which is huge  .

          We Vintage Air Technology    is aprofessional  manufactures of varies  machines in field of textile and  channel partners  of Kobelco Japan and  FS-elliott USA.  we are in the field of  utility machines, we know that how the industries people are worried  about scaling in heat exchanger. 

            After a long  R & D  , we design a unique  AutoCleaning system which  suitable forevery  shell & tube heatexchanger  , easily  retrofit on any heat exchanger .

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Vintage AirTechnology





 Vintage Make ATCS (Auto Tube Cleaning System)

                        Why we need  cleaning of heat exchanger Tubes?

1.    Contaminants in the Heat Exchanger can reduce itsefficiency

Maintaining a heat exchanger can prolong its durability andreduce the cost as it decreases the chances of replacement. No matter if theyare old or new, every heat transfer systems that utilize coolant fluids andwater, will by default accumulate many oily contaminants or mineral scales,while it is operating. Even the slightest buildup of these contaminants cancause drastic fall or reduction in the efficiency of the heat exchangers.


The performance of every heat exchanger is based on its shapeand design. To ensure that the performance matches the design, you need toremove the fouling as it develops. Heat exchangers are used for transferringheat in motion. The rate at which the transfer takes place is known as the rate of heat transfer. Generally, theseexchangers use the method of conductivity to transfer the heat and the build-upmaterial can cause problems for thermal conductivity to do its job.

These contaminants can be removed generally  with the help of cleaning processes and toolssuch as scrapers, high-pressure water jet, chemicals or brushes.


This is especially for the shells of the heat exchangers. Theinside of the shell can develop lacquer, varnish, oil sludge, algae and otherforeign particles in the form of contaminants. These contaminants can make youlose about 15 to 30 per cent of the heat transfer, due to their build up.


                         Want Easy Solutions?


 Vintage Air Technology  introduce you ATCS -  online Auto Tube cleaningsystem

  We vintage team  design  a retrofit  system as per yourold  heat exchanger and  fix it on your system , there is  nylone/s.s. brush  pass through your tube  along with water pressure and remove the allscaling fouling recently within a few hours before deposit in solid . the brush will remove it from your tubeinner  surface  and keep the  inner side always clean online. this system don’t required  any shutdawn , this process of cleaning is online without disturb your  running process.  

   Features :-

1.    2.    3.    4.    5.    6.    7.    8.    9.    10.                   11.                   12.                   13.                   14.                   15.                   Avoidsharmful chemicals that are used for descaling



Vintage ATCS   is work with plc control system , we can  program it  for daily, weekly , monthly, early  .

We can  program it with no. of cycle   for brush travelling in operation  , and the interval  of next cycle  operation with no. of brush travelling  cycle.  After feeding this  the system will worked with programmed   operation  cycle and will continuous  repeat the  operation  in running  system without any operator  interface .      

Brush design .

These are nylone / S.S Brush  with longer life ,

Vintage Online  Auto Tube Cleaning System 







How We Can Proceed :-

We  need  your heat exchanger tube  innerdiameter  and  outer diameter  , along with tube  PCD , end cover  size ,  water inlet outlet  pipe Diameter  with  material.

  Our  team will visit at your site and  take the dimension of  heat exchanger , we will tailored the  both side cover  with  our brushing pocket , little modification in inlet out let pipe line , along this system your heat exchanger  length will increase by  2 feet and pipe line modification with motorized  valve .


Cost – this is one time investment ,  and  ifwe calculate the power  its payback iswithin 6 month. The Quote can we made  on  no. of tubes, tube size ,pipe line size.


Please feel free to contact us  for any further clarification 



3, 2nd floor , Near Dena Nank, Patel Nagar, Udhna, Surat - 394210, Gujarat, India
Phone :+918068094355
Mr Hitesh Vaishnav (Managing Director)
Mobile :+918068094355

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